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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i hate fucking niggers

but i don't mind killing them :)

this is some real live shit right here niggers

you know

that i'm going to be making 4 figures a month by the end of february. :)

Second post

the potential for profit from this blog thing is just staggering :)

i am going to be all over every niche, every product, mainstream and adult.

i'm going to write the most awesome content and linking bots you ever saw, and i'm going to start churning shit out like there's no tomorrow.

i'm smart, i'm skilled, and i've got a crystal clear plan of what i have to do to get you motherfucker's cash.

watch out ;-)

First post

This is the first post of a new regime...

I'm taking over motherfuckers. You watch and see. Starting now, I'm running tings around here bwoy.

J for life!